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GENERAL SPECIFICATON                        
Max capacity range: 1.0 L/min to 9.5 L/min
Max pressure range: 0.24 Mpa to 0.90 Mpa
Power range: 10 w to 40 w.
Max currency: 1.0 A to 7.0 A.
Motor: 12V or 24V DC motor
Material: Contact wet part: PTFE, Viton.                   .                  









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PRODUCT OVERVIEW                                                                                 

    DP mini diaphragm pumps operate using two opposing floating discs with seats that respond to the diaphragm motion. This process results in a quiet and reliable pumping action. Higher efficiency of the pump is evident in the longer lifer of the motor pump unit.

   These DC motor diaphragm pumps have excellent self-priming capability and can be run dry without damage, Rated to 160 Deg. F (70 Deg. C).

   No metal parts come in contact with materials being pumped; diaphragms and check valves are available in Viton, Santoprene or Buna-N construction. So these mini diaphragm pumps are great chemically resistant.

  DP mini diaphragm pumps prime within seconds of turning the pump on; prime is maintained by two check valves (one on either side).Separated from the motor, the pump body contains no machinery parts, so pump can be in dry running condition for a short while.

   A built-in pressure switch insides the pump can automatically stop the pump, when the pressure reach a setting data. 



   Portable and simple installation.

   Self suction capability and dry running.

   Built-in pressure switch and over flow drain valve.

   Corrosive-resistant material, such as Viton, Santoprene or Buna-N and so on.

   Low noise, Quiet and reliable DC power operation. brushless motor voltage, DC 12V or 24V.

   High pressure, max to 130PSI. Medium temperature up to 70C. 

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